Our Mission:



We are dedicated to the expansion of human consciousness through community outreach and involvement. We believe in the COMMON-unity of all people.

Soul Medicine, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. For our Tax ID#, 990, and additional information, click here.


Our Mission

Our focus is to relieve suffering through educating, empowering and inspiring members through intentional community development and outreach, environmental/ecological stewardship, and holistic health practices benefiting those with acute or chronic health challenges, addiction, recovery, and Veteran communities. Learn More


Our Impact

We as individuals face obstacles daily. So does our planet. Together we can face these with hope and commit to healing our communities as well as our world.

By giving information without hesitation, we are all empowered with the necessary tools to take action in our communities and for our Mother Earth everyday.



thousand Dollars Raised

Since the inception of Soul Medicine, Inc, we have raised funds for our programs as well as individuals in need.



Years Serving communities

We have not only served our surrounding communities, but our inner community too. After all, if we can not take care of our own, how can we take care of others.



Thousand people Impacted

Over the course of time, the Founder has spoken in front of or enacted upon her words with countless individuals and communities.


Our Programs

Our programs are designed for the current economic, ecological and political climates that surround us. We continuously introduce individuals and communities inward, to teach them how to navigate their own internal terrain. By doing this, they become more flexible at navigating the external landscape.


nutritional counseling and support

Offering nutritional counseling and support for those suffering with chronic illness and disease.

“The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

-Ann Wigmore


We focus on serving diverse and underserved communities such as the homeless and military members.

Our “Round-up” program encourages local business to round up change to support Halting Homelessness program. The select business will ask patrons if they would like to round up their purchase to an even dollar amount to collect change to purchase items for individual drawstring bag and hot meals

Items needed for bags: toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, sanitary products, wipes, water bottle, instant oatmeal, granola, crackers, deodorant, body wash, first aid kit, cotton swabs, socks, blanket, brush, hand warmers, expandable washrags, hats, scarfs and button shirts for interviews.


This one day program educates everyday people or groups on the importance of sustainability, Z footprints, recycling, organic gardening, and permaculture.

Participants, such Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, church groups, homeschool classes and individual families, would experience and learn from our working gardeners as well as how to integrate sustainability into their daily lifestyle. Organic lunch available upon request.


October 2017

Thanks to the recovery community, the multiple retreats and lodges, and the opportunity to actually make a difference in other people's worlds through service, I am now able to do and be things I never thought possible.

Kaz E / Read Full Article



Get Involved

Serving and volunteering open the door to incredibly rewarding experiences—both for you and those you serve. But finding the opportunity that best suits your skills and expectations can make all the difference.

As a not for-profit Foundation it is our goal to engage you in the most full-filling way possible while keeping the “circle complete.”

Check out Our Programs above, to we where your interests and skills might be utilized the best.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you sign up to serve.

Do you have a passion?

  • Do you love yoga or outdoor pursuits, or would you rather be involved in issues pertaining to local or national heritage?

  • Do you care deeply about environmental and conservation issues and want to focus your efforts in that area?

  • Are you interested in working in a nutritional or care type setting?

  • Do you prefer working with children, young people, or older adults?

How much time can you give?

  • Can you serve during the week, or does your schedule limit the amount of time you can commit?

  • Can you make a minimum one-year commitment?

What do you bring, or want to acquire?

  • What skills do you bring? For example, are your skills and interests more administrative and managerial? Would you want to help run an organization?

  • Are you willing to go through some training?

  • Is service a way for you to get practical training and experience to help you get a job, or to get certification or credentials for a current job or educational pursuit?

  • What do you hope to gain from the experience, building skills, helping people, working on a team, making friends?

Where and how do you want to serve?

  • Would you like to work with someone on a one-on-one basis, such as mentoring a teen or helping an adult learn to read?

  • Do you prefer working in a group—as part of a team—such as helping to renovate a community center or preparing and serving food at a homeless shelter?

  • Are you comfortable responding to situations as they arise, or do you need to know what to expect when you come in?

  • What supports, such as transportation or child care, would you need?

  • Would you like to work independently on issues such as creating community assets or developing local agencies’ abilities to serve their communities better?

Benefits of Service

  • Do you want to acquire qualities of leadership and gain a sense of satisfaction from taking on responsibilities that directly affect peoples' lives?

  • Do you want to learn new skills that can help you prepare for a job?

  • Do you want to earn an Education Award to pay off qualified student loans or to finance college, graduate school, or vocational training?

  • Do you want to help your community, help yourself and make a difference in the lives of someone in need?

  • Learn more about the benefits of service and keeping the “circle complete.”

Ready to Join?

If you're ready to join and already know what program you want to serve in, visit our Programs page and sign up.


Sign Up For a Program

Our programs are designed for the current economical, ecological and political climates that surround us. We continuously introduce individuals and communities inward, to teach them how to navigate their own internal terrain.

Volunteer opportunities

We encourage our volunteers to seek a service or program that speaks to their heart. You serve and because of the energy of the service and because your heart is open and loving. When you are serving you slip into the space of grace.

Make a Donation

Soul Medicine, Inc is Common-Unity. 100% of your donations go to the funding of Soul Medicine, Inc. programs, such as Nutritional Counseling and Support, Halting Homelessness, Eco 4 Life, and many, many more.